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Invitation to Play: Speculation Transmedia Game

Our interdisciplinary team at Duke University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Waterloo has just launched a new "transmedia game" or "alternate reality game" called Speculation. This science fiction game concerns the culture of finance and the recent economic crisis. Transmedia games are an emergent art form and storytelling practice that taps into contemporary convergence culture. The most recent trailer leads to the primary Speculation game site. Players can also follow updates on Facebook by friending Nex Noitaluceps.

The first puzzles and narrative fragments were released on Tuesday so there's plenty of time to get in on the ground floor and join the collaborative game community on the main site or in other locations such as the player-created Unfiction forum. The next part of the game will be released on Sunday (April 22) at midnight ET. Everyone is invited to join the collective transmedia play, the discussion forums, and the unfolding narrative.



The next portion of the Speculation narrative and game is now available. The player conversation is just getting started on the main forum and other sites. Come join the ongoing transmedia play.


The fourth level of Speculation is now up. If you're coming to it for the first time, a thread on the discussion forum offers links for a walkthrough of the early levels and links to the main narrative documents.


The fifth nexus is up and changing. The player-created walkthrough links offer a great summary of the transmedia game up to the present moment. Come take part in the discussion and the play!


Things are starting to emerge, change. Players have just unlocked the sixth nexus. Catch up with the threads, post a thought, and come join Speculation.