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To Sea Veg or Not to

To Sea Veg or Not to


To Sea Veg or Not to 

Sea veg is a pill that contains a blend of different kinds of sea vegetation. Scott Kennedy the creator and president of the company claimed that sea vegetation was taken daily by his mother who had MS and within 90 days the MS went into a “miraculous remission”. As well as remising MS sea vegetation can also help with:

  • Weight Loss
  • Throid [sic]
  • May lower Cholestrol [sic]
  • Healthy Skin & Hair
  • Decrease Heavy Metals
  • Removes Toxins

In these videos Scott explains further into why all humans should be taking daily doses of sea vegetation (video 1, video 2).

The whole web site is riddled with fallacies. Scott writes “did you know that the average M.D dies at the age of 65… how can they fix your body when they can’t even fix their own” this is an example of ad hominem. They are trying to convince the readers that Doctors can’t help you. The website also links video about how multivitamins are causing early death. They post articles with titles like “Your multivitamin can give you cancer” and “Vitamins can kill”. So in essence they are saying that the doctors are all wrong, vitamins are killing you, and so by default Sea Veg is your only option if you want to be healthy.

The skeptic’s dictionary points out “Kennedy suggests that his supplements can remove toxins from the body. He fails to mention these toxins by name… he is very careful not to make any specific claims for his product's power to remove toxins. He says he's "found pretty extensive evidence that Sea [sic] vegetation contains compounds which bind with and remove toxins from the tissues of animals and humans." He calls sea vegetation "the keystone of the food chain," which is true if we're talking about fish.” The Scott Kennedy just alludes to all these claims but never gives you any substantial evidence proving any of them!

I used various search engines and web sites to try to find more information about Scott Kennedy. I was hoping to find some research he might have done. I couldn’t find anything, not even a list of his degrees. As a self-proclaimed marine nutrition expert I would have hoped for some form of higher education or research.

I used and I found out that the domain name for the website was registered in Scottsdale; AZ under Scott’s name. The FarmaSea Company is located in Nevada. Both Nevada and Arizona are land locked states, why would Scott Kennedy a self-proclaimed marine nutrition expert who swears by the healing power of the sea live in an area where the closest beach is in Mexico?

I did a search and found that he trademarked his name “Scott Kennedy” as a nutritional supplement which strikes me as being pretty odd. Here are some other odd nutritional supplement trademarks he owns:

  • “Everything from alpha to omega”
  • “Encapsulating the power of the sun and sea”
  • “Eating sea veg daily, is eating right”
  • “Bringing out your nature!” 
  • “Engineered by mother nature” 
  • “We go in great depths for your health”

The whole Sea Veg operation has red flags going up everywhere. As a consumer I would stay away from his product. Sea Weed is more than likely good for you but Sea Veg is more than likely trying to rip you off. 


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