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Ferguson in a Global Frame: Human Rights Matters in the US and Beyond

I am happy to announce a new class, which will emphasize collaboration, research, website curation.  It is the first course that will use my new human rights website,

While that site is not ready for real public use, you can visit it for a taste.  The idea behind it was to use digital technology to get both a more ground-level vision of human rights, and also a vision informed by content and commentary from around the world. 

In the spring I hope to launch the website fully, so stay tuned.

But here is a link to the course so you see how I am trying to link US rights issues to similar issues around the world.  Feedback most welcome.



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This is wonderful, David, and HASTAC will put it in our newsletter and tweet it out too.   In the meantime, you should be in touch with Anne Balsamo, one of HASTAC 's founder and a founder of FemTechNet and the DOCC (Distributed Online Conneced Courses).   I believe their new project is on global activism and human rights.  There mightbe connective possibilities here.   Good luck with this and let us help in any way we can!