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How E-Learning and Distance Learning Change the Education Landscape

How E-Learning and Distance Learning Change the Education Landscape

It’s safe to say that the educational system is already heavily influenced by digital trends. With the Internet being part of people’s everyday needs, most of them rely on it for completing all kinds of tasks. Learning is not an exception.

Online learning and distance learning programs are changing the entire concept of education. Before we go any further, let’s explain the main difference between e-learning and distance learning: location. When a student is engaged in a distance learning program, they are not in direct contact with the instructors and peers. As for e-learning, it can be practiced in a traditional classroom, too.

Both e-learning and distance learning are factors of progress. Let’s see how exactly they are changing the educational landscape.

Personalized Learning Is Now Possible

People can now choose what they want to learn, and they can do it at their own pace. They can set their own goals and choose the preferred learning methods that would lead them to better results.

When online learning is being introduced in the traditional classroom settings, the teachers can use the information they get to determine what students need more individual attention.

We’re Getting Valuable Data

Through e-learning, we can capture and analyze more data than ever before. It’s easier for educational experts to understand what works and what doesn’t work for students. With access to such data, they can alter and improve the overall experience of the learners. That’s why the educational system is evolving at a faster rate than ever before.

Educational Technology Transforms the Way We Learn

Billions of dollars are being invested in educational technology by the year. The e-learning industry supports the development of EdTech, which is being implemented in traditional education, too. 

Part-Time Studies Are Getting More Common and More Effective

Online learning makes it far easier for people to study while having jobs and supporting families at the same time. They make take some classes on campus and some online, or they may opt for distance learning all the time.

Learning Goes Mobile

The global mobile Internet traffic is projected to increase nearly a sevenfold between 2016-2021. Learning is going mobile, too. This brings more convenience for the students. They can access learning materials anytime, anywhere.

Online Learning Leads to Improved Collaboration

When the concept of distance learning was first introduced, it came with a major drawback: lack of collaboration between the students. That has changed. Today, online learning platforms support the process of collaboration. The learners can communicate with each other and get in touch with the providers of the course.

It Brings Gamification in the Learning Process

Gamification is an engaging element not only for kids, but for adult learning, too. It makes learning fun, but effective at the same time. 

Online Learning Is Becoming Normal Learning

The effectiveness of online educational programs is constantly growing. Research shows that today, massive open online courses can teach at least as effectively as traditional courses set in a classroom. That changes everyone’s perception towards online learning. 

Academic Projects Are Getting Easier

Students have always been struggling with their essays, research papers, and other projects. That’s why so many of them are relying on writing services like Aussie Writings in order to get help with these projects. The online learning industry is changing the approach towards written assignments. They are still present, but they are more practical and in a lower number. The learners are getting precise instructions on how to complete the assignments for an online course.

No Time Restrictions

Web-based learning comes with a huge advantage: the students are not restricted to specific timings. They can listen to a lecture in the middle of the night if that’s when they feel productive. They can catch up with the missed lectures during weekends if they have to work over the week. Thanks to online learning, they can fit the studying goals into their schedule, no matter how busy it is.

Everyone Has Access to Education

People are struggling to pay for higher education even in developed countries. Distance learning programs are changing that. They are much more affordable when compared to traditional college courses. In addition, the learners don’t have to pay for accommodation, books, and all other things related to traditional education. They can earn degrees from their homes at a much more affordable price.

Online Learning Imposes the Need for Self-Motivation

Online learning programs are already highly motivational. The participants are constantly getting email messages and prompts that push them to go on. However, they also have to work on their own organizational skills. That’s why they use various to-do apps and distraction-blocking browser extensions. Successful online learners are developing strong time-management skills.

Educational Institutions Are Changing

The most eminent universities on a global level are getting into online education. They are recording and broadcasting their classes, so more people will have access to them. They are reaching a wider audience, but they are also transforming the educational processes to attract more distant learners.

Free Learning Opportunities!

Many universities are providing free access to online education. Even Stanford, one of the most expensive educational institutions in the USA, makes free online education possible. Most free programs don’t include certificates, but they still enable people to learn. That’s what matters the most.

It’s Easier for Students to Decide What They Want to Study                                               

Since everyone can access free and affordable online learning programs, it’s easier for students to decide where they want to go to college and what major they want to choose. They usually start exploring these programs during high school, so they are ready to handle the college application process with greater confidence and determination.


We’re witnessing an interesting phenomenon: the educational system is changing in front of our eyes. Technology made that possible. The changes are good and they are not over yet. The evolution continues!


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