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Social Media in Education

Social Media in Education

Shifting from a teacher-centered to a student-centered education we are inevitably entering a puzzling world of digital natives who "live and breathe on social media".  Despite our efforts to learn and adapt new technology, the gaps between generations X, Y and Z keep growing. By the time we, digital immigrants, have incorporated Facebook into our classrooms, digital natives have already moved to other visually engaging platforms, e.g. Whisper and Snapchat.

However, the  digital bridge between our generations is  not simply in using new technology in the classroom. The key element is in the understanding of social media and choosing the right social channel for you and your students. For instance, traditional e-mail communications with our students can be improved by using Tweeter feeds. Our digital course materials can be organized using Pinterest. Finally, why not let generation Z create their projects in their digital home using  Tumblr and Storify? 

My presentation summarizes social media history, description of four generations, from baby boomers to generation Z (i-generation) and even Dr. Shaldon Cooper's experience with twitter!

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