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13 tips to Career Success from One of the 25 Smartest Women on Twitter

13 tips to Career Success from One of the 25 Smartest Women on Twitter

Center of Excellence for Women In Technology at Indiana University hosted its second anniversary. The keynote speaker was Kelly Hoey, named as one of Five Women Changing the World of Venture Capital/Entrepreneurship by Forbes. In her speech "A Courageous Leap of Career Faith", Kelly shared with us the following 13 tips:

  1. Be the expert - Be the go-to person for something
  2. Brag - When your primary currency in the information age is your knowledge, self-promotion is essential
  3. Develop relationships and build diverse networks
  4. Take the meeting - Use technology with the aim of securing an in-person meeting
  5. Own the output (whether it is good, bad or outright ugly)
  6. Get out there and be visible
  7. Ask “why?” and be selective - You can't be everywhere and everything, so make wise choices with your time
  8. Use your network and Follow up
  9. Claim a good seat at the table - Sit where you can be seen
  10. Dress for the next part
  11. Persist - leverage the eyeballs of the friends, acquaintances and professional contacts you've connected with on Linkedin or Facebook or Instagram by posting regular updates on those platforms
  12. Stay positive and optimistic
  13. Think inside the box

For more detailed information on these tips go to CEWIT blog and check the attached file prepared by Kelly.


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