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Grains of Gold - Medieval Anthology - Competion

Grains of Gold - Medieval Anthology - Competion

Grains of Gold brings together for the first time an extensive selection of Occitan literature with English translations from the tenth to the twenty-first centuries. Alongside troubadour and other medieval texts, Grains of Gold introduces the English-speaking reader to the rich body of Occitan literature from the middle ages to the present day, covering the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and French Revolution, Romanticism, Frédéric Mistral and the Félibrige – the first organised revival of Occitan – Modernism and twentieth-century Occitanism, as well as the work of twentieth- and twenty-first century writers.

This book is participating in English PEN's world bookshelf competition (The best of contemporary literature in translation). It is currently #4! If you can, please vote to support Medieval Literature! The content of this book will be used in the future as a part of our on-going parallel Occitan-English Medieval visualization project.



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