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Digital Storytelling and Prezi

Digital Storytelling and Prezi

I have been researching on various forms of visualization for research, teaching and learning. Recently I have presented a workshop on using Prezi (non-linear platform for slides) in combination with a digital storytelling format.

The slides include several links to blogs with good discussions about pros and cons for this type of presentations. I find this free software very flexible and if you like experimenting with new design and visualization software, feel free to try.



I agree that digital storytelling has promising implications for research, teaching, and learning, and that Prezi is a fluid story presentation tool.  Have you located any research specifically addressing the pros and cons of incorporating music into digital stories?  I've come across some scholarly works that discuss multimodal texts (see below), and some blog posts on creating those texts, like, but haven't found a lot on the effects of music.

- Gregori-Signes (2013), (student created stories)



Thank you for bringing up a very interesting question. Most work and research that I have looked  are about technological aspects of making digital stories. So far I found pros and cons only regarding narative story, free vs scripted. Music is mainly seen as a enhancer and the voice is the main "element": "Beyond the recorded voiceover, would the story and the scenes within it be enhanced by the use of additional layers of sound? Would the use of ambient sound or music highlight the turning point in your story" (Digital storytelling Cookbook)


Thanks, Olga, for the Digital Storytelling Cookbook reference.  I do find the questions it asks helpful.  I'm imaging that the use of sound to "highlight a turning point in a story" could have the same effect on the reader/viewer as do similar usages of sound in film storytelling.