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Concordance Tool - User-Friendly Data Mining

Concordance Tool - User-Friendly Data Mining

AntCont - is a very friendly tool for a quick text search for words, word patterns and word clusters. There are various benefits of using it:

1. Learn how words and phrases are used in your corpus (e.g. Literature or Writing class)

2. Concordance Plot: text is represented as a vertical bar and searched items are shown  where they appear in the text. An example of use would be a location of an actor or specific event during the course of a novel.

3. Create a word list and search for collocates that can be ordered by the frequency of the left or right term.

4. It runs on any computer platforms and it is free.



As an addendum, here is a YouTube tutorial by the creator.


Thank you for the video tutorial link for Text Concordancer! Seeing is always better than reading!