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Gamification, Second Life and 3D

I am not a game developper (yet) but I am exploring the usage of games in language learning. It appears that there are several sites where one can build a game from various templates (GameSalad, GameMaker). There is also SecondLife that offers social interaction for language learners.

My second task is to introduce 3D into language games. In my opinion, this virtual reality is needed to turn a passive learning into an active engaging process.

I am looking for insights, advice or collaborators who would be interested in exploring SecondLife and building an interactive gaming environment that can be used for teaching various languages.



I have been just introduced to Unity platform. Does anyone have an experience in building learning games with Unity? I would appreciate any insights.


Have you seen other blogs or examples of language learning development in these environments? I'd love to have a roundup post on these topics to share with others considering the idea. Have you come across any other examples? 


I don't have much experience in this area (I've taken one linguistics course and have a programming background, though unfortunately not in Unity), but I can't wait to see what conclusions you reach once you've created and tested the platform. If you need any beta-testers, I would be interested.

Are you going to explore it theoretically before you implement/test it? Just examining it at that level would be really fascinating to hear about.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!



My first demo is a very simple draft for virtual Spanish vocabulary (not many words yet as I do not have a large audio database at the moment). But you should be able to learn words for "tree", "house', "lawn", "wall","chair" and a simple greeting. What I am looking is the first impression of 3D. I will appreciate your testing and your opinion.


So far this is great! The only thing that confused me was that sometimes I wasn't sure what the shown word was actually indicating. Maybe providing a highlight of some sort when the word appears would be helpful? I'm sure how technically difficult that is, but I think it would be really beneficial.

I like best the association between the word and the object instead of the word in spanish to the word in english. This is great! Let me know when the next demo is done, I'd love to look at it.


Thank you, Emma for your great feedback on demo. I have also noticed that depending on the angle of the walk some labels are slightly off from their objects (need to fix that :) ).

I also wonder if the "flashcard" mode will fit in the game: flipping from one language to another? I have not worked it out yet but in the future.


Thank you for showing so much interest in the 3D Gamification project. I am currently doing some research on theoretical support for 3D in learning and also working on practical implementation (video tutorials). I will be posting more details and hopefully some project drafts. At present, I am skeching some ideas for game for language learning - ex. alien coming to earth and learn a language (ex. Spanish). Feel free to suggest more ideas for a game!