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Writing Thesis with LateX

Writing Thesis with LateX

While there is a learning curve in learning LateX, but it is WORTH trying for several reasons:

1. Separation of Style and Content:

    Document formatting is done ONCE in the PREAMBULE of your document. The rest is just a simple writing in a plain text without distractions.

2. Portability:

    Everyone  has an access to Adobe Reader to view your pdf files. Your advisors can simply add their comments to your pdf and they will never have issues with accessing your files.

3. Flexibility:

    You can add almost anything into your thesis: video, audio, 3D graphics, animations etc. There are so many packages available to make your work more creative and innovative.

4. Quality:

   "It's difficult to disagree that the output from LaTeX is far superior to what Word can produce" - sais Andrew Roberts in his blog.

5. User-friendly software

   Some people like using a Terminal (command line) to work with LateX files. While I like coding, I prefer a better visualization for my work and I am using TeXShop (there are a version for Mac IOS and for Window). Here is the snapshot of the tex file and its pdf output of my thesis:

6. Special Tricks

   I can hide the whole paragraph from the pdf while keeping it in my text file - e.g. I may use it in the future or I need to work on it later. I just use "%" symbol in front of that paragraph or sentence.

  I have access to the array of various symbols, foreign or math elements etc.

7. Templates

  I am using a Thesis LateX template which makes my life so much easier.

8. Presentation

  I use Latex Beamer package to create my proposal presentation for the thesis.

9. Bibliography

  If you are a Mac-user and have Bibdesk installed, referencing and bibliography are done by using a file you created with Bibdesk. If you are using Mendeley Reference Desktop , you can export your references as a bib format.



There is also an on-line Tex editor writeLaTeX with a great array of various templates (from newsletters to presentations). You can check the interactive short introduction blog or post here your questions and I will try answer.


What thesis template are you using? One from your school or a more general one? Is it something you can link to or share?


I am using a template from another school (Clemson) - the source is here.There is also a list of available thesis templates on this blog.