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My Adventure to Digital Humanity Project - The WHY Question (Episode 1)

My Adventure to Digital Humanity Project - The WHY Question (Episode 1)

You have probably seen a google scanned page before. It looks like this:

This is a sample page from the 13th century  Old Occitan poem "Romance of Flamenca". This is one of the very first "modern novels"  and a combination of comedy, parody, courtly love and historical epics. One day I will share with you its very intriguing plot. But you can probably guess where I am going. Yes, first, it is written in Old Occitan. How many of you can read it even with a dictionary? Second, a scanned format is useless for any search - the OCR recognition does not help much here... The solution is to build a digital annotated parallel corpus: 1) Annotated - because I am a linguist and interested in syntax and pragmatics, and 2) Parallel - with English translation - to make it available for a larger audience.

In my next episode, I will secretly tell you about who is Flamenca and what happened. Stay tuned!




Very interested in your project, Olga. I work in late medieval / early renaissance literature and have a CS background, and am hoping to put together a Classics / Medieval / Renaissance group here on HASTAC.

Also, I'm looking to create a panel for the next HASTAC conference, would you be interested in submitting an abstract for your project? I'll put the panel together and submit it, so just let me know!



Medieval Group - it is a great idea! There are so many things that can be done with those manuscripts in terms of vizualization.

Panel for medievalists for Hastac conference sounds very interesting. What kind of presentations (short intro?) do you want to have for the panel?



Hi Olga,

I'll work on setting up the group soon. I am very much looking forward to see what other people are doing in the field!

I don't have a particular vision for the panel, I am thinking it would consist of 3-4 presenters with 15-20 minute talks that are project-based. I think what would bring the talks together would be the use of tech for the period, since people may be doing quite divergent things. 



Thanks, Lisa. I will work on my abstract for the panel.