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Introductions of Nusrat Zahan Chowdhury: New HASTAC Scholar for the 2020-2021 Program

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Hi folks!

I am Nusrat Zahan Chowdhury, and I am writing to introduce myself as I have been selected as a new HASTAC Scholar into the 2020-2021 HASTAC Scholars Program. I am a first year PhD Student at the School of Arts, Technology and Emerging Communications at the University of Texas at Dallas. I use She/her/hers pronouns, and I am a proud mother of a four-year old toddler. I have been in the profession of teaching and researching for around four and a half years. Being a graduate of English Literature and Language and having an MA in applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching, currently, I am working as an Assistant Professor (on study leave) at the Department of English, Bangladesh University of Professionals.

As an academician and a researcher, I have always been interested in the field of education as an important domain of my research. Also, I am equally triggered by the boundless applications and potentials of digital media technologies as learning and pedagogic tools that inform my previous scholarly undertakings. My recent scholarly endeavor that stems from my inclination of investing my intellectual abilities in the greater welfare of humanity draws me towards the environmental discourses in various literary, media and cultural texts. Being intrigued by the environmental damages and oppressions towards the natural world which endangers our lives and wellbeing in this planet, I feel compelled to study and understand deeply how our technologies, discourses, actions, and infrastructures affect the environment and our natural world. Therefore, I would like to situate my scholarly practice at the intersections of applied media studies, environmental studies, and critical pedagogy, where, through an eco-critical intervention into the digital media technology of the children’s tablet computer, I hope to critically address how the concepts of environment, ecology, sustainability, equity, and justice are taken up (or not) in media texts and their ensuing discourses through these media technologies and how they affect and are affected by the socio-economic, cultural, or even geographical differences of the many actors and stakeholders. With the vision of crafting a future with the responsible, ethical and equitable use of technology, the ultimate objective of my research is to devise ways of designing children’s technology and media artifacts that would be environmentally sustainable and promote the lesson of ecological conservation and care for the natural world.

I consider joining the HASTAC community as a wonderful opportunity for me to learn and contribute through discussion, collaboration, and reflection from scholars of various disciplinary fields. I will be more than happy to share and discuss ideas and insights with anyone interested in my work and I look forward to connecting, engaging, and collaborating with humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists, and technologists of HASTAC. It is really an honor to be a part of HASTAC community.



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