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A newbie guide

Hello HASTAC Schoalrs,

It's my first time in this community and I'm already excited by the area of topics you're looking at, the type of blog posts and forums you're discussing and the general vibe of the website. Unfortunately, I'm at a complete loss at where to start, or what to do here...

Any advice?



+1!  You're not alone! :)


I think you did well figuring out how to post your help message. I couldn't figure out how to do that, so I posted a help on Twitter - unfortunately, no one came to my rescue ... I did figure out how to change notifications to digest so I wasn't getting flooded by email. I have yet to figure out how to determine subscription is causing me to get the various messages ... 

This site is definitely not newbie user friendly :-(

Any chance someone out there could create a screencast orientation to the site?



I recommend that you join groups that interest you and read their blogs. The next step is publishing your own views and sharing them with others.

Good luck!



Hi all!

I'm also a newbie and quite at a loss myself, but I have found these links helpful:

Getting Started with Groups

News Event Opportunity

Getting Started

The bigger conceptual question is something like "how do I get the most out of this awesome opportunity," which is harder to answer.  But maybe we will figure it out.  : )  Good luck!



Hi everyone, there's a FEEDBACK (i.e. a contact/support/HELP! box) on the lower right of your screen.  Click on that and it will send you to a help form as well as to a Questions and Answers (Q and A) of frequently asked quesitons---including all of those asked above.  


Here's the url to the directory to the helpful Q and A in case the FEEDBACK button isn't visible, with the little metaphone, on the lower right of your screen or device:


  Also, there are HUMANS at HASTAC during business hours.  If, the Director (she's a doctoral student too, by the way, and only a TA so it's not 24/7) of HASTAC Scholars cannot reach you, during business hours try Ruby Sinreich, HASTAC's director of social media strategies:  Ruby Sinreich <>  They are happy to help where they can.


  It's easy once you know how.  And I love it that those of you in the know are helping others---that's the best part of HASTAC, it's a network and you don't have to be alone and you don't have to just rely on the way overworked folks at HASTAC central to help.  Thanks so much and good luck.  Once you know the ropes, please help others too.  It's a great opportunity, and even greater once you jump into the network.  


I'm a newbie here too, and I really found all the comments and links helpful for getting started! Thanks again to the original poster asking the difficult question.