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HASTAC conference reflection

Short post - as i'm still getting up to speed on things HASTAC. 

Had a great time at the conference - exposed to a number of interesting approaches to education that help me reflect on my own practice. And got tons of support for comics as dissertation - Thanks to all! And learned about twitter, thanks to @CathyNDavidson!

Created a readable document of my presentation, and have shared it here.

best to all,

Nick (, @nsousanis)

hmmm... i've tried word verification 17 times w no luck. this post may never see the light of day...




apparently you have to preview first - then it works... curious, but success at last. N


Thank you for posting the on-line version of your talk.  I have already shared the post with a number of my students; some of whom you met at HASTAC and others whom you have not met but who might be interested in your work.

I suspect that you will be a presence—and possibly a very important presence—in classes I am teaching next semester; especially because you posted the document today.  I have already suggested to Jacob Mulcahy that comics could be a viable part of an Ocelot Scholars Project on which we will be working next semester.  I know that Frank Teevin (who really enjoyed talking to you) will be doing work with comics in our ancient world history class.  And I’ve sent the link to another student who did not attend HASTAC, but who is interested in comics.  Comics might be a vehicle for a project he will need to do in film.  I expect all three to discuss the work with their course colleagues.

I believe that one of the benefits of HASTAC is going to be the ability for me and my students to interact and be inspired by people outside our institutional walls.  I will keep you posted on the influence you will be having at Schoolcraft College.

I had planned to write to you next week to thank you for the kindness you showed to my students at HASTAC.  However, I wanted to let you know that I have spent part of today passing on your work.


Hey Steve,

thanks for the note and the kind words! Great to meet you and your bunch - really enjoyed talking with all of you and impressed with your support for all of them. Had wanted to give you a shout, but didn't have contact info for you - drop me a line at and I'll be in touch. Happy to share materials, etc. with you and your students any time. 

Best to all of you,