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Hello all~ I am very excited to be working with you, and my group specifically!


For this project I'm using a critical rhetorical theory approach, to discuss Multimedia Learning theory (Mayer) as a way to understand the multimedia tools used by staff bloggers on the community blog space BabyCenter. I found that the use of images, especially images of celebrities in slideshow format, serves to reinforce a dominant view of motherhood - while the site claims to be about parenting. The multimodal approach serves to reinforce the dominant view of what a mother should be similar to the 'new momism' decribed by Douglas and Micheals. The Multimodal approach serves to reduce resistant reading. In this way, images of celebrities reinforce the need to purchase to engage in consumer power as mothers, the need to rejoice no sleep as motherhood is sexy and more. In this way, the substance of the blogs can shy away from difficult discussions, and taking difficult stances, allowing the images to argue for the dominnt ideology of the space /America- motherhood is the ultimate goal of all women!

I am a lecturer at Northern Arizona Univeristy teaching Ancient Rhetoric, Digital Rhetorics and Gaming Rhetorics. I finished my PhD in 2013, so I'm working on early career papers now.

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