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Mip mip: A Wikipedia node in your network ^_^

--The customary introductory note--

Hello all,

Forgive me for this delayed introduction post. I guess I was so swarmed and overwhelmed by all of your fantastic posts that I realized how hungry I was. So, I guess the initial week for me, was (in the manner of law of diminishing marginal utlity) my initial ten ice creams :P It is only now that I've ventured to introduce myself and find some peers here who I hope to keep interacting with!

While I don't have a fixed project at this moment, I am in between things. I am currently pursuing my M.Phil in Cinema Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Almost everything pertaining to culture studies, media studies, technology, education and visuality interests me. I've always been battling with academic programs that aim to streamline and launch you in a single discipline, trying to take my lessons from there, feeding them into something completely different. In the past, I've been a part of the Digital Natives project. I've also looked at Wikipedia as a site of knowledge production, the State's notions of privacy as seen in freedom of information queries in India, the life of popular remix videos in the Indian cyberspace scenario and more. I've just culminated my first ever GLAM project in India. GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) is within the Wikimedia umbrella and strives to digitize and open up cultural instutional spaces.

I also work with Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore, India to increase Wikipedia participation and India related content on Wikipedia. Gradually, my interest is shifting towards seeing how mediated realities and the 'optical unconscious', a certain kind of image speak in digital spaces specially, is constantly guiding several processes - including meaning making, information thresholds, perceptions of geo-socio-political realities and thereby soliciting action, responses, inspiring further cultural production - all motivated by our understanding of incident versus event (in Hayden White terms).

This is really, just a starting point and I hope some of you respond to my post. Of course, I welcome all suggestions and conversations!


Talk soon!

A node in your network :)


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Nice to see a Wikipedian here. I did the GLAM training and have been involved in promoting Wikipedia projects to libraries and museums on campus. It's been a slow process, but we may soon be getting our first Wikipedian in Residence.

It would be great to have conversations about Wikipedia here in HASTAC.