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2 Brief Announcements

Non-academic work takes up a lot of time (who knew?), hence my lack of blogging. I have two very brief updates for you before I disappear into the ether for a little bit again.

First: In Media Res' spring calls are now posted and available. I believe they went out on a HASTAC e-mail last week, but in case you missed them, here they are again:

January 10-14, 2011: Technological Object Orientations

January 17-21, 2011: Productions of Digital Culture

February 21-25, 2011: DVD Translations and Transmissions

March 7-11, 2011: Posthumanism and Media

March 14-18, 2011: Primetime Animation

March 21-25, 2011: Race & Television

April 4-8, 2011: Autism in the Media

April 18-22, 2011: TV Failures

May 2-6, 2011: Labor in the Media Industries

June 6-10, 2011: Technology and the Horrible

We didn't intend for so many calls to be so technology-focused, but they ended up running in that direction. Hopefully something will pique your interests. A reminder that you needn't be a quote-unquote academic to apply to curate a post. We've had journalists, bloggers, and good old-fashioned fans contribute to various topics, and we hope to keep that trend going.

Second: Thanks to the hard efforts of a number of folks, Emory University in Atlanta, GA is hosting the first ever THATCamp Southeast! The unconference will be March 4-6 2011, and will include a BootCamp. If you're in the Southeast area, I encourage you apply to be one of the 75 participants at the unconference. I've already applied for the opportunity, and my fingers are crossed I'm accepted.

Hopefully next time I'll have something other than announcements for you to read.


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