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HASTAC Scholars, 2010-2011

Greetings all,

I'm Noel Kirkpatrick, a MA student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. I've been selected as a HASTAC scholar for the 2010-2011 year, and I'm incredibly honored by the selection. I've already done a couple of posts here so far, but I never really did a proper introductory post! 

At Georgia State, I'm a part of the Moving Image Studies track, which means I study a range of media, including film, television, and video games. My own work focuses largely on anime and television. My thesis (which I'm supposed to be starting!) focuses on the Japanese art movement superflat in relation to anime and video games, in particularly the anime Samurai Champloo and the PS2 video game Persona 4. My work on television is still developing, though I'm largely interested in questions of genre and narrative, as well as the idea of "quality TV."

All of this doesn't scream digital scholarship, I know, but  when I was an undergrad, I was frustrated by the arcane nature film theory, how it talked about things people love and regularly watch in ways that often seemed impenetrable. It seemed to me that it defeated the point of this type of cultural criticism, and that we needed a better way to talk about film, TV, and the like in a way that meant something to people who didn't read academic journals, or who had, maybe, never step foot inside a university before.

Digital scholarship is the way to do that.

One step in that direction, on a personal/professional level, has been setting up a strong on-line presence. So I have a Twitter feed, an account, and a blog. (I really can't say enough good things about Twitter, but that's a discussion for another time.) While I've been blogging for a while now (since around late 2002), I never leveraged it nor thought about how to leverage it, in a way that helped me professionally (admittedly, I was in high school in 2002...). But I feel like those various communities I participated in helped me develop an idea of what digital life and thought should be like.

On a larger level, though, I was a bit lost until Alisa Perren at GSU assumed editorial control of In Media Res. And while I'm no longer a graduate assistant, I am actively involved in the site on a variety of levels. (In case you're curious, the parent project of In Media Res, MediaCommons, was just highlighted in the New York Times.)

As a result, many of my posts here will be about In Media Res, in particularly how we organize it, run it, and what we think we may do better in the future. I'll be posting calls for curators here, (shameless self-promotion!), but I also want feedback from the rest of the HASTAC community. As thinkers interested in the digital, you all are in a unique position to help us help the larger community as we try and grow In Media Res. I hope you all will be willing to help!

I will, of course, provide posts on my own research and interests as they develop, and I look forward to your posts, both on your HASTAC blogs and in the HASTAC forums. I encourage you follow me on Twitter, where I am far far far too active. 

I have to thank Alisa Perren for alerting me to this opportunity, and for nominating me. If it weren't for her, I probably wouldn't be posting here right now. She's a true mentor to me, and a valued friend.

Thanks for your time, and I cannot wait for our time together to begin!



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