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How a HASTAC Session Inspired Me to Create Class Constitutions: Part 1, a Reblog

I went to HASTAC 2017 with the aim of learning new teaching methods. I was already reading this blog and testing the ideas for teaching at the Department of Religious Studies." Below is a link to a post I wrote about that experience on my home institution's teaching and learning commons. I see it as Part One of a series that explains how I my approach to setting up a course shifted from organizing my teaching with a syllabus towards a "syllabus plus constitution."

Here is an excerpt from that original post:

"What follows is from a session on “Platforms that matter” at the 2017 HASTAC conference. The session focused on fan studies can teach academics how to set up their own peer-reviewed, open alternative to the current modes of dissemination offered by for-profit companies (See Pooley and Duffy and the open academic journal Transformative Works). I want to apply the content to teaching. How might fandoms provide a model for a learning environment?"

Part 2 will explain how I set up class constitutions after three semesters of mostly trial and surprisingly few errors!


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