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Natural disasters and Katrina

First off I?d like to say that after Katrina hit for the first time in my life I heard Americans tagged as ?Refugees?. It was a sobering experience to watch the images on the television and no one would argue the impact it had on our country. Katrina was a devastating event to America. While we dealt with the aftermath the lines between our republic and the rest of the world were almost gone, but to be honest we are lucky.
The United States still has never experienced any major loss of human life, especially to a natural disaster. So what made Katrina so bad? Is it because this small disaster was covered so well by the media? Or was it because as a country we have a higher standard, and do not expect to be caught off guard? Are we really like that bully who taste his own blood for the first time and cries? Perhaps all the above.

It was very interesting to hear the tales from Spike Lee?s ?When the Levies Broke?, it gave an inside glimpse at how Americans deal with tragedy. I do not believe the people of New Orleans dealt with their situation poorly, nor do I blame them for stubbornly staying during the evacuation. If they believed they could ride out the storm then they?re where merely mistaken. The media made Katrina look like world war three, the truth is, when it was all said and done, very few people where dead. The destruction of the city was arguably the worst outcome of the event.
If anyone dealt with the disaster poorly it was the people outside the situation. However we cannot blame our government, nor our selves, because we have a long history of ignorance and unawareness to these types of events (if not all types of affairs). We are only aware of what we hear on television and what we see on the front page, and this information is almost always pertaining to our own nation.
So in the world of America, natural disasters are a rarity, thus Katrina was a large event. However, like it or not we are apart of a larger world called ?Earth?. Here on Earth Katrina would not even make it on the top 1,000 worst disasters. Here on Earth other countries, for many different reason, must deal with natural disasters which cripple cultures, wipe out spices and kill hundreds of thousands to millions of people. In fact the 7th worst natural disaster in human history toke place 8 months before Katrina. The Indian Ocean Earthquake killed nearly 230,000 people, that?s about 125 ½ Katrinas. I must assume the reason this natural disaster received much less support and coverage is because there are simply less cameras on that side of the world. And by the way America gave the 2nd lest amount of money to the disaster, starting at only 35million dollars, while Austral, who has 15 times less people then America gave over 800 million dollars. The truth is we are assholes, unaware and stumbling through time. In fact just yesterday our government suspended one of our Bill of Rights. Ever heard of Habeas Corpus? Doesn?t matter, we are now apart of the very few countries without it, and not a sound was made. This isn?t Wyandot Lake, there are fucking rules.


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