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Neighborhoods of Refuge - PhotoVoice

Neighborhoods of Refuge - PhotoVoice

Hi everyone! I am working on a website to showcase ta PhotoVoice project titled "Neighborhoods of Refuge." The projected was carried out by faculty and students from Florida International University and Miami Dade College, alongside the organization Camillus House in Miami. 

Project participants attended photography workshops and debriefing sessions where they discussed issues related to homelessness. After the project, we engaged the public with two exhibitions at Camillus and at FIU (MDC tba!). The next step is to digitize the content so that more people can have access to the photographs and captions.

Our goal is that students can use the data to better understand homelessness, and the way art can be used to influence policy. I would love to see other examples of PhotoVoice projects if anyone has recommendations. 


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