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Doug Belshaw on "The Importance of Webmaking"

Doug Belshaw on "The Importance of Webmaking"

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Excerpts from "The Importance of Webmaking":

We're being turned into an audience, an audience that passively consumes a shiny, commoditized, ersatz version of the Web in return for a veneer of sociality, connection to celebrity, and/or perceived ease of use. Meanwhile, our data is being sold to the highest bidder, we're becoming used to surveillance and a lack of privacy, and any digital skills we had are atrophying.

Thankfully, efforts are underway to avoid the next generation being one of consumption over creating. The Mozilla Foundation (which I am proud to be joining next month) is campaigning for a generation of webmakers' to come together to make something amazing with the Web. This summer a huge effort is underway through a Summer Code Party to help people young and old take their first steps in learning to code a little. You can find out more and get involved at

The Web wants to be open. The Web wants to be free. The Web wants us to connect to collaborate to make awesome things together.


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