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Best Blogs for Humanists

One of the Duke News Service staff members recently emailed Cathy Davidson and asked if she had a list of the best blogs for humanists. In true HASTAC form, she put it out to her Facebook and Twitter communities, and this is the list that we've culled so far. Amazing list, really.

From Facebook

Tenured Radical
Easily Distracted
Chris Newfield's Remaking the University Edu-factory
Experimental Geographies
Larval Subjects (and everything on its blogroll)
Wood's Lot
Pinocchio Theory
"Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey,"

"Speculative Heresy," http://speculativeheresy.w​

"Language Log," http://languagelog.ldc.upe​





"Matthew G. Kirschenbaum," http://mkirschenbaum.wordp​ (apparently migrated to G+ yesterday)
"Dan Cohen,"

"Jacket 2," (though it may be considered more of an online magazine I don't really consider it different from a blog with multiple authors and an editor)
"Open Culture,"​/

"The Real Paul Jones,"​blog/

"Work Product,"
"Grand Text Auto," Soltan at University Diaries
Tequila Sovereign
Bully Bloggers
Social Text blog
Love Tina Barseghian's Mind/Shift:
the Chronicle's blogs, especially Wired Campus

Richard E. Miller
's text2cloud
 Oh Crap, I have a Crush on Sarah Palinhastac....
CakeWrecks. Cake decorating is a Humanistic discipline, isn't it?
The Huffington Post

if mail lists count: VICTORIA-L


From Twitter: #besthumblogs

@tenuredradical 's blog
@uvenus blog
@literarychica 's blog,


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