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Digital Humanities 2.0: A Report on Knowledge

Digital Humanities 2.0: A Report on Knowledge, has just come out on Connexions, the Rice University Press digital publishing platform. In the article, Todd Presner discusses the Digital Humanities Manifesto, the HyperCities project, and some lingering problems of legitimacy for digital scholarship.  An earlier version of the paper was delivered at the Emerging Disciplines conference at Rice University in September 2009. You can see it here or download the PDF at


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Thanks for sharing this, Nancy.  It's an excellent, sober follow-up to the Digital Humanities Manifesto (which was purposefully rhetorical, as Presner points out in his paper).  I especially enjoyed this bit:

Beyond "studying" such technologies, we must actively engage with, design, create, and even hack the environments and technologies that facilitate humanities research and knowledge production.

While it won't be anything revolutionary to the folks that have been discussing these very issues here on HASTAC, this kind of rigorous, serious engagement with the challenges and benefits of the digital humanities would prove especially valuable to scholars and students beginning to consider the field.