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Digital Humanities@digitalculturebooks: New UM Series

An exciting new publication series for ground-breaking work in digital humanities has been announced by the University of Michigan Press and HASTAC: The University of Michigan Series in Digital Humanities@digitalculturebooks and the UM/ HASTAC Digital Humanities Publication Prize. The series editors are Julie Thompson Klein (Wayne State University), Tara McPherson (University of Sothern California) and Tom Finholt (University of Michigan). The series advisory board members are Cathy Davidson (Duke University), Sidonie Smith (University of Michigan), Daniel Herwitz (University of Michigan), Wendy Chun (Brown University), and Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Pomona College).

The series will provide a forum for ground-breaking and benchmark work in digital humanities. This rapidly growing field lies at the intersections of computers and the disciplines of the arts and humanities, the professions of education and of library and information science, and the fields of media and communications studies, and cultural studies. The purpose of the University of Michigan Digital Humanities Series is to feature rigorous research that advances understanding of the nature and implications of the changing relationship between humanities and digital technologies.

Books, monographs, and experimental formats that define current practices, emergent trends, and future directions will receive priority. Together, they will illuminate the varied disciplinary and professional forms, broad multidisciplinary scope, interdisciplinary dynamics, and transdisciplinary potential of the field.

Works for the series and submissions to be considered for the UM/HASTAC Prize will further the following goals:

to break new ground by defining and assessing current and emerging methodological and theoretical approaches;
to benchmark best practices and projects through analysis of their nature, quality, and impact;
to present leading scholarship on the changing relationship of humanities and technology;
to feature best work from leading networks, communities of practice, and innovative practitioners;
to examine key thematics and problematics of the field;
to define and examine innovative approaches to digital teaching and learning.

For more information about this series, or to submit a proposal please contact
Acquiring Editor: Tom Dwyer


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