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Sorry it has taken me so long to post my Introduction guys.  It has been a very busy semester.

My name is Nabeel Siddiqui, and I am currently a PhD student in American Studies at the College of William and Mary.  My interestest in digital humanities began a very long time ago when I was an undergraduate.  I began my career as a Computer Science major but grew tired of the research.  I switched to History in my Sophomore year and looked for a way to combine my love of technology with my love of History.  This resulted in me applying to George Mason University for my MA so that I could work at the CHNM.  Unfortunately, time constraints made it so that I could only work with a few professors that were doing digital history and did a more traditional history MA thesis.  

One of the largest reasons for my switch to American Studies was to gain a broader background in other disciplines to compliment my interests in digital humanities.  I also worked as a Research Associate at the University of Richmond on a few projects.  Through HASTAC, I hope to connect with other like minded individuals in the digital humanities and find new opportunities for collaboration.  My tentative dissertation will be on the rhetoric of "technological and educational progress" in distance education and the way that this progress leads to a "seperate but equal" higher education system.  I would love if other people could help me locate sources or even come up with a new dissertation topic as I am currently only in my comps stage and have the option of switching.  Look forward to meeting everyone!


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