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Lives of Black Folks: the Double--edged Commodification of Black History

Carter G. Woodson



TV marks Black History Month, but is that such a good thing? Greg Braxton of the Los Angeles Times  summarizes what Filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman feels about Black History Month:

“Picking up on that thread, Tilghman examined how Black History Month is taught in most schools and found that the focus is usually limited to four figures: the Rev. Filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman is no stranger for showing his distaste of the month. In his recent film project More than a Month he explores the possibility of ending Black History Month all together. I believe that this is rather extreme, but I do believe that he is going down a very productive path. Tilghman is thinking about the "what if". If Tilghman has decided that the "what if" of getting rid of the month is productive then I'd love to explore how this could be productive to helping out black and white society. If he has decided that it is unproductive then I'd like to know how this is unproductive. I plan on watching the film in the hopes of getting a deeper view on Black History Month and black opinion of black history period. Is history bias for African Americans? Does this bias have a bad effect on how non-blacks interpret blacks? Does this month serve as a seperation or alienation of blacks from society or does it work to point out things that must be changed in order to incorporate blacks into society?

I've included a few personal opinions of the month in the clips situated to the left. I hope that you get the chance to click them. Please, tell me your thoughts, I'd love to hear. 


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