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#FSDW Introduction

Hi everyone,

I'm a rising fourth year MD/PhD student in anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania.  I'm chronically inter/transdisciplinary, and have a wide range of influences from the biological sciences, anthropology, social epidemiology and science & technology studies. 

Right now, I'm exploring the emergence of digital health, which encompasses everything from mobile health to personal genomics and Fitbits. The work I am thinking of bringing to the workshop is a term paper I've written about patient engagement and health technology. It explores the use of mobile phones, online forums, and patient portals to engage people in their own health.  

In particular, I'd like some help in shifting the focus of this paper to look at a specific program that targets pregnant women and new mothers in developing countries with informational text messages, promising "the power of health in every mama's hand". It's a little muddy thus far - but I think there's a feminist technology studies critique hidden in there and I'd love help pulling it out. 

Relatedly, I love scifi and speculative fictions, particularly featuring women and people of color, and am just beginning to explore these engagements with technology and its effect on the way we understand ourselves and what it means to be human. 

Social media-wise, I can be found on twitter @mrmunyikwa and on my website. I'd love to chat via e-mail at michelle.munyikwa at 

I'm so excited to be a part of this workshop and look forward to learning with y'all!




I'm really looking forward to reading your work as part of the peer review group, and I hope you'll feel very free to weigh in on my early stage study of survivor support rhetorics for breast cancer patients. 


how wonderful to have an MD/Phd student particpating!  Your topic sounds great! I recently reviewed a paper on pregnancy apps that I found fascinating!


Hi Michelle and welcome to FSDW!

Marika Seigel, Professor of Rhetoric & Technical Communication at Michigan Tech, writes about mobile pregnancy. Her new book, The Rhetoric of Pregnancy, is awesome.
Also, my research focuses on pregnancy, digital literacies, and health 2.0; let me know if you want to chat or exchange materials sometime!
Lori Beth

I like this phrasing a lot. Your work sounds fascinating!