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I am a recent undergraduate, (BS in Women Studies), and currently I look forward to graduate studies in Humanities. I am an older adult who went back to school at age 53, and after a Human Service Social Work two year program- I received a 4.0 GPA and certification in 2010, I continued my education.  It was my desire to seek social and behavioral aspects in higher education, which is what my AS degree confirmed. However,  there was an overload of applicants at California State University Fresno, (California) for Social Work which caused a change in my major.  Thankfully,  Women Studies proved every bit a necessary step in the right direction.

I have enjoyed reading the profiles of these introductions, and apologize for the delay in getting mine here. There was a technical issue revolving around my email address and registration, which is now resolved.

I am honored to be participating in a group of scholars as these profiles reflect, and I have joined the group for further education and mindful building of women and feminist studies.

The idea I am presenting has not had but a handful of thought processes, (in my view) which time did not allow me more than that which I would have liked, at the end of my semester  May 2015. However, it addresses violent and sexual assault on college and university campuses.  I look forward to the feedback that will undeniably be well worth every word. 


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