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Medicine / Science Reading Group *Meeting*

Hello everyone,

Our next Medicine / Science Reading Group meeting is Wednesday February 24, 7pm in the ICR conference room in Greg Hall.  We'll be watching clips of two documentaries - Rolling and Murderball, and discussing the article below.

We will be viewing segments of two very different recent documentaries about living with disabilities.  One video, Rolling (which was named Best Documentary at the Independent Film Project), uses wheelchair-mounted cameras to profile a few people's everyday lives.  Another film, Murderball (which won the Audience Award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival), documents the experiences of wheelchair-bound athletes playing full-contact rugby.

If interested, you can view Rolling online at <>.  You can also listen to a "Talk of the Nation" interview with Gretchen Berland, the filmmaker behind Rolling <>.  And a short segment on "All Things Considered" about Murderball <>.

The article we will be discussing is:
Sharon Snyder and David Mitchell, "Body Genres and Disability Sensations: The Challenge of the New Disability Documentary Cinema"

And Optional - Rosemarie Garland Thomson, "Seeing the Disabled: Visual Rhetorics of Disability in Popular Photography"

I look forward to seeing many of you there!

All best,

Leslie Reagan
Co-Coordinator, Medicine / Science Reading Group

Michelle Kleehammer
Co-Coordinator, Medicine / Science Reading Group


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