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Medicine / Science Reading Group

Hello!  Along with Prof. Leslie Reagan, I am currently co-coordinator of the Medicine / Science Reading Group at the University of Illinois. I would like to propose this space as an online presence through HASTAC, and hopefully continue and expand our monthly discussion group into an interactive online community - both for reading group members and for scholars of medicine and science from other universities and settings.  All are welcome!

Our group has enjoyed many active years of meeting, sharing our work and ideas, deconstructing video and visual images, and discussing a wide array of scholarship related to the historical and cultural analysis of human health, medicine, and science from an interdsiciplinary perspective.  We are comprised of faculty, visiting faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from a variety of fields and departments (recent members are from Media Studies, History, Anthropolgy, Latino/Latina Studies, Special Education, and the Medical Scholars MD/PhD program).  Recent topics we have discussed include the cultural history of AIDS, birth control technologies, disabilities, public health films, the intersections of health and environment, and the deployment of science and medicine as tools of empire in various contexts.

Over the years, the Medicine / Science Reading Group has been generously supported by and linked to the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities <>.

I will post information about upcoming events and meetings here, and all are welcome to attend, to post information about related events and topics, and to engage in dialogue.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas or comments!


Michelle Kleehammer
PhD Candidate
Department of History
University of Illinois

Co-Coordinators, Medicine / Science Reading Group, University of Illinois
Prof. Leslie Reagan <>
Michelle Kleehammer <>


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