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Day 1 #FSDW15 - Links between USA & S. Africa

Day 1 #FSDW15 - Links between USA & S. Africa

Here we are: Day 1 of the Feminist Scholars Digital Network. I listened in eagerly to yesterday’s online workshop, breathing deeply, and enjoying Amanda Strauss' engaging invitation to bring mindfulness to our work.

Although I spent a great deal of time focused on the digital humanities building an online radio station last semester, I'm still a big fan of the kind of magic that happens when we're all able to connect a story to a face. Therefore forums like yesterday’s presentation and talkback keep me feeling connected.

Earlier today I spoke with one of my teammates in South Africa. There was a six-hour time difference between me, and Daniela G., who's writing her Ph.D. on digital storytelling among other things. It was fascinating to hear about her perspective on the healing properties, or lack of healing properties inherent in sharing stories in academia. She encouraged me to check out to find out more about the foundations of this practice.

I’m participating in this year’s FSDN conference out of curiosity, and a need to keep myself involved in scholarly endeavors throughout the summer. Over the years, I have developed a passion for the digital humanities, sociology, the media, arts, activism, and especially mother studies.  I applied to CUNY, The Graduate Center a year and a half ago to bring a degree in Mother Studies forward as an individualized major. With the support of my colleagues I succeeded. Mother Studies is the field of interdisciplinary study devoted to the issues, experiences, topics, history, and culture of mothers, mothering, and motherhood.In addition to thisI am currently researching and writing a book and serving as curatorial advisor to several international exhibits including two in England and one in Israel (fall 2015), through the Museum of Motherhood.

I'm hoping to share some work this week about the intersection of the digital humanities, birth, feminism, and the guerilla girls (who wear gorilla masks when they perform).

BTW - there's a CFP on "The Music of Motherhood" with a June 30th deadline, if anyone's interested in submitting. Here's the link for more info.

Looking forward to the week!


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