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Stories that Matter

Student documentaries on identity, representation, concern, and hope! 

Student Documentary 1: Fluid Identity, Static Society (by Claire Babala, Becky Harris, Andrew Brunette, Brandon Hawkins)

Student Documentary 2: How We're Constructed (by Emmanuel Williams II, Stephanie Hernandez McGavin, AJ Wiseman)

These students had four months long to create a 20 minute long documentary on a topic of their choice. The only requirement, really, was to pick a story that had a heartbeat, which connected with others. The following videos show how having the time, creative freedom, agency, and collaboration made this projects really impactful for the students and their participants. 

1. Development of Student Documentaries:

2. Student Experiences of being personally invested in a documentary project

3. Student Experiences with having creative control:

4. Student Experiences of Pride in Accomplishments in their projects:




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