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Video review of UNC-CH CHAT Festival

This is a short montage of some exhibitions from the 2010 CHAT Festival, held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill from February 16-20. I have taken a couple small liberties with the video, as noted below. Exhibition details are at Obviously, there were many more exhibitions, but these were some of the ones I could get to (at least two exhibitions I tried to record were closed before their advertised times).

Featured in the video in order of appearance are:

Wenhua Shi - Future Talk
Dajuin Yao - IdeoRhythm
Casey Alt - Things Fall Apart
Bill Seaman & Daniel Howe - The Architecture of Association
STREB Dance Company, David Van Teighem, & the MIT Media Lab - STREB:Brave

There were originally not sounds (other than the ambient room sounds) associated with Yao and Alt's pieces. What you hear are sounds that were recorded at an exhibition of elecro-acoustic sound in Hill Hall called "Music in the Rotunda", also a part of the CHAT Festival. I don't know who the audio artist is.

The recording of Alt's Things Fall Apart is played at 8x speed in this video. The entire piece looped (with variations) over the course of 16 minutes or so.

I really loved Future Talk. The source material is the "1972 chat between China's Chairman Mao and former U.S. President Richard Nixon."


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