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Watch Disestablishmentarianism at CHAT tonight!

I just realized I am one of only two Tar Heels exhibiting in the CHAT festival student gallery. I really wonder why UNC didn't have a better showing? Regardless, please come out and take a look at my video tonight during the free Festival Art Walk:

Media: HD Video, Super 8, MiniDV, digital audio, scans

Disestablishmentarianism is a short experimental memoir. In it, the artist performs readings of two texts by cultural theorist Larry Grossberg. Behind this performance is a collage comprised of various documentary elements including artifacts from the artist's own life and video appropriated from the works of surrealist underwater filmmaker Jean Painleve and a piece by videographer Helen Kearns (which itself was a manipulation of several ethnographic films). The soundtrack is comprised mostly of noise music recorded live at performances by the groups Boyzone and Macronympha, but also includes part of a composition that was created from a single half-second long audio sample.


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