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introduction for #FSDW14

I'm excited to participate in FSDW14 this year.  Last year was fabulous.  

I'm a "midcareer" academic working at a small liberal arts college in Philadelphia.  My work is broadly interdisciplinary but always revolves around women's activism. 

I'm interested in the ways computers structure/facilitate writing. I engage in a practice I describe as writing in public, in which I draft my schoalrly work in open google docs.  

I'm not quite sure what #writinginpublic I'll be sharing, maybe my piece on reconfiguring feminist historiography using the theories of the French sociologiest Alain Touraine!  I worked on this piece on and off from 2010-2012 and then set it aside when I began working on digital history projects.  Damned if the man didn't publish another book this fall, so I need to revise to reflect that. 



Hi Michelle and welcome!
I’ve always admired your dedication to writing in public; I’m hoping one day I feel confident enough to do it too!
Lori Beth

and I always like to remark I started writing in public post tenure when the stakes were a lot less high!