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FSDW13 wrap up


Invited by Lori Beth De Hertogh  to participate in the feminist scholar digital workshop 13 (#FSDW13) sponsored by HASTAC, I posted my introduction, received contact information for group members, Genna Duplisea, Rachel Hurst, Wil Upchurch and we were off!  Our group worked quite well.  Three of us uploaded papers to google drive and we reviewed 1 paper per day and spent Thursday in some real time assessment via google chat.   


The process turned out to be remarkably similar to that which I’d experienced in the past with my dissertation group.   The experience was also like my ongoing #writinginpublic.  However while I get lots of clicks, I rarely get specific comments.  People will tweet but seldom remark directly in the document.


It was incredibly helpful for me as I attempted to get a paper out the door that I’d been sitting on for almost a year.  The comments were so helpful I rather quickly reorganized the piece completely and I’m almost ready to submit.  This has been the consistently most popular section of my blog and book blog so I’m excited to see what happens next!


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