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Since I don't have contact info for two of the three members of my group, I"m going to post here. 


Right now we have four people, which means if we all have projects to share, then we need to do one person per day.  I'll go first since I have a (not complete or polished) document up on google docs (at least I'm hoping its the most recent one. After almost a year since I completed  sabatiical and wrote this and  I can barely remember which file is which!)  I think the easiest thing to do, as least for tomorrow, is to have comments (or edits, but if you do that please use caps or colored text as the revisions function in google docs sux), in the google doc.  

However,  I cannot tell from the introductions if William or Geena have projects to share.  If they do not, we may take a more leisurely pace, and we can take Monday and Tuesday to do my paper (which would be nice for Rachel since it is a holiday in Canada on Monday), and then hers on Wednesday and Thursday.   so I'm going to ask Rachel to share hers for Tuesday (apologies as I know you sent me an email that it is a holiday in Canada on Monday.  I'm hoping you have the draft ready to go and can email!).


So I really need to know first if William and Geena have papers to share.  Please let me know in the comments here.


This is our "schedule" as outlined in the group docs.   I don't know if a video chat will be feasible given our different  timezones, but I'm game if others are!  


  • Exchange drafts, manuscripts, proposals, etc. for feedback and peer review.  You have several options for exchanging documents:


    • Email documents to group members.

    • Copy/past documents into a blog post in the workshop forum and give/receive feedback using the “comments” feature.  (Tip: to create a blog post, follow the same steps as you did when creating your introduction.)  If you share your work in the forum, be aware that it may be publicly visible.

    • Create google docs for sharing and peer review. (Tip: you can control who has access to google docs by manipulating the privacy features under the “share” button.)

  • Groups should review 1 manuscript per day. Please review the guidelines for manuscripts and peer review (see below) for additional information.


  • If group members are interested, group leaders can coordinate online meeting times via Google hangout or Skype to discuss projects.


  • Note: Remember you can tweet about your peer review sessions and experiences using the hashtag (#) FSDW13.



Hi Michelle,

I should have posted my e-mail here instead of on my own blog post - it's  My apologies!  I'm still learning the lay of the land here.

Unfortunately, I don't have a project to share yet, and I hope that won't be a problem.  I'm just a Master's student and only submitted my thesis proposal a couple of days ago.  Most of my time seems to be spend working for free instead of doing research!  I'm eager to see what everyone else is working on and am looking forward to our discussions.


Hi group!

I'm really looking forward to this. Everything sounds good to me. I'll share a google doc or email the paper with the group on Tuesday. My manuscript is ready to go, but I want to re-read it (like Michelle, I've abandoned this piece for some time) to also provide you with a clearer picture of what would be helpful. So, I will do this first thing on Tuesday - you will have it no later than 11-12 am Atlantic time!




I lost the original post I was working on, so let me just summarize here. :)

I do have a project, a short paper I wrote for a seminar last semester that will be expanded into a chapter of my dissertation. Comments along those lines (or for publication) will be much appreciated!

I'm putting together a preface for the paper that will orient interdisciplinary audiences to it, although there isn't a lot of theoretical heavy lifting.

So I'm cool going on Wednesday since Genna doesn't have a project. However, I'm going to be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday, and while I should have internet access I'm not sure how much time I'll have for feedback. So, I'd like to propose that someone take Mon-Tue, my paper on Wed, and the last paper on Thursday. That way I'll be able to give full attention on Mon and Thurs and won't be needed on Wednesday. :)

My email address is

I think sharing on Google Docs is a great idea, as well as color coding the comments, a process I've successfully used on group wikis before. I'll try to get mine up as soon as possible.

Thanks for coordinating Michelle!


excellent, so nice to wake to find all of you posted!  


I know we are meant to do one paper per day but as we've a bit of wiggle room and with people's varied schedules, I wondered if we might take one paper each day and have Thursday for some more interaction?  If I"m reading this correctly everyone should be around for more intensive discussion, possibly even of the sychronous sort?


Good morning!

I just wanted to verify that today we are reviewing the "everything combined.doc" file that you linked above, Michelle.   Also, I can try to participate in synchronous discussion on Thursday evening (after 6 EDT); today's my day off but I am working and interning during the workday for the rest of the week.


yes that is the correct google doc link.   



 Even if we can't talk synchronously on thursday perhaps we can reserve that day for discussion/reflection in general of process and about all three papers?