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Twitter vs. Zombies: The evolving rules

Note: This post is part of a Twitter digital literacy game I played. See this post for an explanation.

In my last foray to the zombie-infested streets, I tried to save a stranded human, but failed. The zombies grow in number every hour. Only yesterday there were but a handful, but already the number over fifty. I like how the game itself is like a virus, now spreading into the blogosphere as well. With the latest rule change, the game goes multimedia. Pictures of weapons can now stun a zombie for thirty minutes. I have a nice butcher's knife waiting.

I don't actually think the introduction of weapons will change the game much. Zombies can only bite once per hour, unless they have a blog post to give them an #extrabite. So for a weapon to be effective, one would have to use it before a zombie uses its attack for the hour. Maybe if there's one with lots of extra bites, it might be a good idea to stun it. After all, this is no mindless horde. The enemy is intelligent and adapts (much as the game itself).

I'm particularly enjoying the more descriptive tweets in the game. The players collaborate to create a virtual world, flesh it out with details (some humans are now hiding in a library, for instance), and create an atmosphere of tense dread in a digital space more often like a flood of information. It's the first time I've seen Twitter gamified, too. Does anybody know of other examples? Does the concept have a place in the classroom somehow?



I"m going to assume I'm not the only reader who doesn't know what you are referring to. Perhaps because I'm out of the country, but more likely just not in the looop.

Is there a link where we cna learn about the game, Mike?


You mean context is important? Here's a post explaining what's going on: