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Help Test "Technological & Pedagogical", My New Course Website

In the past few years I've experimented with blogs, wikis, and other types of technology for my courses. The biggest problems were that students had trouble understanding how to use different sites and I ended up spreading my course across multiple sites like Wordpress and PBWorks, none of which gave me full control. Blackboard's not an option because it's also hard to use (students regularly complain about the interface) and not infinitely flexible.

So, I did what any good hacker does: I built my own site.

I've used Drupal to build a site that incorporates wiki pages, essay uploading, blogs, and other elements I want to use in my course this semester. I'm still adding some content, but I think I have all the functionality in place that students will need. I've got some backend views to add, but I can do those as the semester progresses because students won't see them.

What I need now are testers. I've been testing it, but I know what the site's supposed to do, so I'm not the ideal tester. Want to help me test it?

Here's the website:

I've created a couple of test accounts, "student1" and "student2", with passwords the same as the usernames. So, please, login, mess around, add content, and see if you can break anything. Don't worry about leaving content there; I'll scrub the site before classes begin. Any problems, confusions, bugs, etc., report here in the comments. Thanks!


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