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Hippies Go Viral

No, not that kind of viral. We're not talking an STD here, but a new use of social networking (Facebook in this case) for bringing the arts online: the musical Hair is creating a video for Facebook of the end-of-show dance party that occurs at each performance.

On one level, this is just a clever marketing strategy. Lord knows, the arts needs those. But does it also pose an example for how digital technologies might stitch experiences of the arts into our everyday lives in new ways? Here, we're not talking about replacing the direct experience of the arts (in this case a musical in a theater) with some new digital experience, but of rewiring the flows of artistic experience using the Internet and social networking.

Maybe this isn't different much from glimpsing a clip of Hair on your local news, or maybe it is something in between that and word-of-mouth or direct experience.

What kind of sunshine, exactly, is this use of Facebook letting in?


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