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Howzit, Kia Ora and Hi from the UK

Its great to join the HASTAC community, my name is Michael I am in my final year of PhD study at the University of St Andrews.

I am really interested in engaging with the excellent resources of HASTAC in data visualisation and digital storytelling as part of the wide DH universe. I work in the film industry and have developed a number of projects in researching the impact of social issue documentary.

One of the things I have been doing, and would like to do better, is using digital tools as creative means of production and distribution that also demonstrate the success of public engagement. Documentaries aim to entertain and inform, but also in many cases to improve understanding and bring about positive social action and the topics studied by this network can provide wonderful inputs to this activity. I would like to develop my use of innovative methodological tools to examine strategies of information diffusion and interaction and share how impact can be made in different fields through the combination of creative industries and digital humanities’ toolsets. The forums like New Media and Social Movement; Digital History; and Digital Storytelling have lots of cool stuff and I would really like to contribute something.

My background is in Philosophy, FIlm Theory and Business Management and my doctoral research uses STS, ANT and the study of market devices to look at digital engagment metrics. If you are interested in that sort of stuff my website is, but I will keep it HASTAC here.

From a practical standpoint I would also love to introduce and integrate some of the wonderful DH initiatives that are going on this side of the Atlantic, particularly at UCL and Oii - which don't yet seem to be members.

Every one of the Scholar's intros I have read is both incredibly interesting and impressive, I am really proud to be among the cohort. Heres to 2014/15!


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