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Calling All Hacktivists! #OccupyData Hack-A-Thon Dec 9-11, 2011 #occupyla #ows #occupywallst

Calling All Hacktivists! #OccupyData Hack-A-Thon Dec 9-11, 2011 #occupyla #ows #occupywallst


Calling all Hackers, Hacktivists, Political Hackers, Gender Hackers, Body Hackers, Bio Hackers, Critical Race Coders, Queer Technologists, Femme Scientists and Occupation Hackers!



I’m helping a dear friend of mine, VJ Um Amel, to organize a global Hack-A-Thon Dec 9-11 to analyze / visualize / remix data from the global occupation movement in order to move the movement forward through hacking.


Here are the details:


The idea is that people will be organizing / coordinating local hack a thon events in their cities on the same days, much like the occupy model, and then sharing the results of their work with the rest of the hack-a-thons, and i imagine there will be some real-time communication during the 3 days too, somehow. Of course these events will need hackers and coders of various types, but also people who know about the occupy movement, about social movements, about the complexities of gender/sexuality/race/ability as it has manifested in the occupations, about police tactics and laws and social networks and direct action and civil disobedience and every aspect of the global occupy movement.


Follow the link above to sign up and get involved!

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