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UCLA Queer Studies Conference and QUEERTURE: QUEER + COUTURE

UCLA Queer Studies Conference and QUEERTURE: QUEER + COUTURE

This weekend I'll be speaking on a panel on Friday at the UCLA Queer Studies Conference on the topic of "Wearable Electronics as Femme Disturbance", discussing virus.circus and my new project, Autonets. The panel is going to be amazing with lots of other digital media scholars from HASTAC! I am so honored to be on this panel with them.  I can't wait! Also, I'm going to be showing some new wearable electronics from the Autonets series in the Queerture Fashion show.

3:00 – 4:15 Royce 306
Techno-Queer Self Fashioning: Digital Theory by Digital Praxis

Michael Stambolis, Sociology, University of California – Los Angeles


“The Real and the Fake: Asian American Digitality, Drag Kings, & ‘All of Me’”
Margaret Rhee, Ethnic Studies, University of California – Berkeley

“Borrowed Time: Fan Video and Queer Temporality through a Cylon Digital Remix Machine”
Alexis Lothian, English, University of Southern California

“Please Select Gender: Video Games and Butch Expression”
Amanda Phillips, English, University of California – Santa Barbara

“Wearable Electronics as Femme Disturbance: Sex Positive Community Responses to Gendered Violence”
Micha Cárdenas, Media Arts and Practice (iMAP), University of Southern California



Featuring LGBTQ designers, stylists and fashion illustration

For Immediate Release
Contact: Tania Hammidi, Artistic Director
queerture at gmail d0t c0m

LOS ANGELES October 15, 2011 6 - 7pm -- An epic LGBTQ fashion show is befalling the UCLA campus as the final event of a two-day conference “Queer Fashion,” organized by UCLA’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies Program. According to Artistic Director Tania Hammidi, “this show is a sartorial meeting of the super-powers; we’re featuring LGBTQ models, designers, and stylists to produce a show that busts the seams of classic runway shows.”

Queerture 2011 is hosting a spectrum of L G B T Q I A designs, styles, and struts – from fierce femme style to trans wearable electronics, from vintage & suited dapperness to contemporary urban wear, from boxers to one-of-a-kind hats. Free and open to the public. JOIN US!

Location: 314 Royce Hall, UCLA Campus
Parking: Lot 5, $11
Sponsored: by over 28 UCLA departments and units

Fashion designs by: Styling by:
Studs Clothing and Debonair Laura Luna-Creative Xicana
Michael and Hushi Dapper Dyke-Vivian Escalante
Stafford & Shelton
Jimmy Au's Suits for Men 5’ 8” and Under, with stylist Leon Wu
Micha Cárdenas and Adam Tinnel

Performance and Installation:
Pre-show, "Shrouds of Aloha's Kiki" by Aloha Tolentino
Costume design from performance artist Nao Bustamante
Installation by Guinevere Turner
Durational fashion performance “Mountain” by Aaron Valenzuela

Make-Up/Hair: Fashion Illustration:
Pony Lee Estrange Maria Leung
Sparrow Fox Karen Dhillon
Aubrie Davis Lindsay Fackrell
Color Beat Los Angeles



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