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Literacy and the Sensorium

For my dis research, I'm exploring how adults who are blind and low vision use sound to read, write, use the web--to do literacy. My intention is that through understanding these everyday literacy practices, a theory of listening as literacy will emerge. The idea of sonic literacy is not knew of course, but it's typically explored with the framework of literacy-as-knowledge: sonic literacy as knowledge about sound. I'm interested in exploring how sound is used to do the basics of literacy: reading and writing. The basics of literacy are too tied to one sense: vision. Beyond this current project, I'd like to explore beyond sound, to consider how literacy can be broadened to ecompass the full sensorium.

Related to this research, I'm fascinated by old literacy technologies: reading machines, early speech synthesis, etc.

Finally, I'm passionate about web accessibilty. As we move knowledge and learning opportunities to digital delivery, we need to keep universal design principles in mind.

So, a very brief intro. of topics I'll be exploring here.


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