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How to HASTAC Scholar

The title of the post is somewhat misleading. It really should be a question rather than a declaration.

I was very fortunate this past year to have financial and enthusiastic support from my graduate institution to be a HASTAC scholar. I would like to report that I learned a lot from the experience, but, truth be told, as I mentioned in a joint panel discussion held across the HASTAC and C&W conferences this year, I feel like a failed HASTAC scholar. 

Why is that?

Well, I didn't post much. Or anything. I got on the site a few times and lurked in the forums. I connected with some people I knew irl. I have since started following some people I met at conferences. Maybe the year I finished all my qualifying exams and coursework was not the optimal time to take on a new obligation. Maybe the structure of the site didn't support me in making virtual connections. Maybe I just need to think about how to work "checking in" here into my online routine. Maybe being a scholar in a virtual network moves as slowly as it does in the traditional networks, in some ways.

I'm hoping to try again this year, maybe bring my dissertation work on digital literacy instruction in secondary schools into the forums and see who might be thinking through similar issues. This seems like the perfect venue for that and might make my participation here feel more organic.

I'd love to her from both HASTAC Scholars who sympathize and those who have really gained something from the HASTAC experience about the challenges and rewards of crossing the threshold of particiaption.


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Hi Meredith,

I appreciate your post. I'm very new to HASTAC and I understand how you feel. It a bit like the old saying of "being a kid in a candy store". There are so many themes and topics, it takes a little while to get orientation to the field and then knowing where to jump on the forums takes practice. I'm starting to get the hang of it and for anyone else reading this post, my advice is to take in the website as a whole. Do a search for topics in your discipline and then don't hesitate to start posting. After that branch out into other areas and try to learn something new.