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I'm Merideth Garcia, and I'm a 3rd year PhD student trying to figure out my dissertation project and connect with people who are interested in the implications of technology in our daily lives and in school. I teach English methods to graduate students seeking secondary teacher certification, take courses in composition, literacy, theory, and technology, and conduct qualitative research in high school classrooms about multimodal and multimedia compostion processes. I coordinate the Graduate Fellows Program for the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative, and in my spare time, I parent two teenagers and read comics. 

I've been a blogger and a participant in fan communities for 11 years (off and on), and I'm currently interested in the (often invisible) labor involved in creating and maintaining online archives and communities. I'm also curious about the way collaborative digital platforms (potentially) shape new modes of narrative. In both cases, I want to know more about the pleasures that participation offers and the tensions implicit in whether and how people get paid for that participation.

I'm excited to join the HASTAC Scholars program and explore the collaborative possibilities!


Click on the video in the sidebar to the left to hear a little more about me (in my Performance!Voice) in my video response to Danielle Nicole DeVoss's The New work of Composing: Mothers and Daughters of Digital Invention.



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