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So we are on Day 3 already of the Feminist Scholars Digital Network workshop! I recieved fantastic feedback on a manuscript draft from my group members, and am looking forward to returning the favor the rest of the week. 

I wanted to take a moment and recognize the value and affordances this digital conference offers. I am a graduate student with limited travel funding, and it is not easy to swing attending as many conferences, workshops, and seminars I would like to. 

Not only is the workshop affordable (free!), it allows me to attend from anywhere, meet great folks doing interesting work from around the world, foster interdiciplinarity, AND is flexible enough that I am currently attending a seperate week long seminar elsewhere simultaneously! Temporally, what a value for those of us with work or other commitments that limit our available travel time.

I hope everyone is enjoying this process, and I look forward to wrapping up!




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