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(Very Late) Intro

Hi all -- This intro is egregiously delayed, but my name is Meghan O'Neil, and I'm a fourth-year PhD student in English at Duke University. Though I often shy away from categorizing my wide array of interests, most of my work fits within the field of postcolonial studies (broadly construed), and I'm in the (very) beginning stages of a dissertation that will explore the postcolonial environmental imaginary and the "greening" of postcolonial studies, in general. At this early stage, my dissertation doesn't directly engage with the digital humanities, but I'm interested in using digital tools in the classroom (blogs, digital mapping tools, etc.), and I'm currently working on a documentary film project that I think will benefit tremendously from HASTAC resources (more on this to come...).

I'm really excited to be part of the HASTAC team, and I'm psyched to hear about others' projects, especially those having to do with postcolonial studies, the environment, documentary studies, animal studies, and digital visualization tools. I'm also interested in pedagogy, so if you're doing something creative/innovative in the classroom, you'll probably be getting lots of questions from me.

Looking forward to connecting with many of you!


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